Hi! I'm Jo. I'm the best photographer in Colorado. Maybe even the WORLD. At least that's what "they" say.

But for reals, people think that.


"Jo, all I gotta say is WTF? These are amazing. I was worried cause we were both feeling kind of off that day and I was sick but I'm speechless. Praises! You da shiznit! We absolutely love them. Thank you so much." - Craig M.

"We love these! I had no idea we could look so natural and attractive in photos. Haha! Can't wait to see the rest. Thanks Jo!” - Lauren S.

"We absolutely loved our time with Jo. She was always available to help us with anything that came up. The engagement shots were beautiful and from what we have seen of the wedding photos they are awesome as well! We could not have picked a better photographer to capture all the special memories from our day! We would highly recommend them to anyone getting married in the near future!" - Amanda M.

"Jo!!!!!! These are SO AMAZING!!!! There are too many good ones to choose from! We thought that they would be "alright" due to Craig's sassy attitude...you KILLED IT!!!!!!!! Thank you thank you!!!!!" - Lauren M.


If you are actually checking out my site in this pre-official-launch stage, you are getting to see the fun and very unpolished version on what I am working hard on pulling together very soon. Or maybe my "about me" will stay like this FOREVERRRRRRR. I might just do that to see if anyone even notices, because, how weird is it anyway for me to tell you about all of my favorite things for you to see if you think I am qualified to take your photos? Just kidding, all of that stuff matters a ton, I know. I want to get a beer/coffee/pho with you to discuss such things anyway, but if you're like me, you'll stalk me on social media first to make sure I'm your right kind of cool...or weird...whatever floats your boat. My Facebook is COMPLETELY not private, so go stalk me right now. And then say hi?

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