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Family Portraits

[Maternity / Newborn / Family / Extended Family etc]
My family sessions are nothing like what you get in a department store. My goal is to capture your family as you really are…on a good day of exploring and tickle fights. I like to try to help plan an outing that would be something fun your family might do together naturally. I have found this puts kids (and YOU) at ease to know they are there to have fun, not just to smile at a camera (of course I sneak those in there too though, but don’t tell the kids that part, ha!) Even if you don’t have little kids, I still like to create an experience for you and your loved ones while still getting those classic portraits.

Denver Family Photographer

Family Portraits: $650

+ Location up to 1.5 hours from Denver
(Think as far West as Breckenridge, as far South as Garden of the Gods, as far North as Fort Collins, and as Far East as the Aurora Reservoir (I don’t know of anything further East - ha!). Of course this includes anything within that circle: Denver, Boulder, Golden, Parker - you get it.

+ Up to 2 hours of photography
Most sessions use the full 2 hours, but those of you with little ones know that it can be hard to plan break-downs and urgent snack times, so if we get an hour of great stuff and the kids are over it after that - yay, that’s a success! Or if it takes a little time for them to warm up and we aren’t getting the great smiles until 45 minutes in, no worries cause we have plenty of time!

+ Includes all downloadable edited images in a private online gallery
Here is where the extra value really comes in: you get all of your pictures edited and ready to print/use with no restrictions. I am not here to up-sell prints or products, you can just take your photos and do as you wish with them. Your gallery is also set up for print orders if that is easier for you (or another family member to get prints delivered to their door), but it is completely all about what makes your life the easiest.

+ Up to 10 people
OK, so if you are super-parents and your immediate family is over 10, you still count! :D Otherwise, you can totally add the grandparents or your nieces + nephews, up to 10 people total, for no additional fee. ($150 fee for over 10 people).

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Family Portrait 3-Pack: $1,575 (Best Value!)

+ Includes everything in the above Family Portrait package times THREE! Booking a 3-pack is a great idea for new parents who want to do a Maternity, Newborn, and 6-month/year shoot, families who want yearly or 3, 6, 12-month photos, or anyone who just likes to save money ($375!!) and knows that they would eventually want 3 shoots.

+ 50% is due by the first session, the remaining 50% is due at 2nd session, and the 3rd session is FREE!

+ All 3 sessions must be scheduled within 3 years following the first session.

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Travel, Add-On Fees, and Loyalty Program

+$150 additional fee per session for locations 1.5-4 hours away from Denver. Think Sand Dunes, Maroon Belles, or your family’s cabin way out there.

Larger Groups
+$150 additional fee for over 10 people

Special Locations
I have most of the standard photography permits required to shoot in many open spaces, parks, and public urban settings (Boulder OSMP, Golden/Jeffco Open spaces, Most Summit County and Denver Parks, for example.) If you have a special location in mind that is not covered by my permits, you will be responsible for the permit fee. I am sure you had no idea “they” charge to take pictures in public locations, but they totally do. If you already have a location in mind, just ask me and we’ll sort it out.
A few examples of locations with additional permit fees are:
+ Botanic Gardens
+ Butterfly Pavilion
+ Many wedding venues
+ Many Indoor Locations (like Wings Over the Rockies)

Client Loyalty

I LOVE getting to work with the same families + couples over the years, and definitely want to reward your loyalty! Once you are a client of mine, you will get 10% off any future portrait session (wedding packages excluded).

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Can my dog(s) join us?

ABSOLUTELY - I see dogs as part of the fam. You know your own pets and what situations they operate well in, so it is up to your discretion if your dogs will make the pictures complete or you think that it might be too much stimulation for them. In Colorado many sessions include dogs and most of them make the photos so much more fun! If you know that your dog has zero chill and you just want them in a handful of the pics, please bring a friend along to be the dog wrangler or tp drop off/pick up your pup so we can make sure to still get undistracted photos of the humans :)

What should we wear?

Tough one, right?! This one is a bit hard to get a lot of advice on as it has so much to do with your personal style. Most families go with just tone outfit as changing clothes can be an added challenge, however, having two outfits is a good idea to get two very different looks (think one dressy and one casual outfit.) That said, here are a few more tips to consider:
- Think COORDINATED not matchy-matchy. Pick a color theme that fit well together and choose clothes that are primarily those colors, including patterns and solids. Pinterest can be a great place to find coordinated color boards and outfit ideas!
- Avoid big logos and shirts with sports teams or other words that might be distracting from your faces. The exception to this would be a 2nd outfit for your team jerseys, for example.
- Don’t be afraid of patterns! I think plaids and patterns are so great! If there are multiple patterns in your crew, lay them out together to see if you feel like they look crazy next to each other.

Do you offer mini-sessions?

SO sorry but I don’t. In order two get the candids and fun moments that you see in my works takes a little time. Praying that your 2-year old is in a great mood for the 15-minute time slot your booked is STRESSFUL for us both. There are photographers who excel at this, but it’s not my jam, sorry!